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Chandler Home Hit with Water Damage? We can Repair and Restore your Home!

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When water invades your home by leaking, dripping, or flowing into places where it does not belong, the resulting water damage can make things very difficult. Aside from the house itself, many of your things inside your home may be in serious danger. That is why, when there is any kind of flooding or plumbing leak, your first reaction may be to get as many of your valuable things out of the water's reach as possible.

That is a very smart move, especially when it comes to smaller items. It’s also a good idea to save electronics. Electronic items are very sensitive to water and may be expensive to replace later. But what about larger items that can’t easily be moved, such as your furniture? What about the very floor and walls of your home? Your carpet? Your cabinets? What about the structure of your home itself?

Water damage, even from a very small leak, can lead to larger problems later on, such as mold and mildew. In winter months, water damage can lead to freezing water, icing over, in places where that ice can cause even more damage. Since ice as it freezes, freezing water damage can be especially threatening to the structure of your home, be it wood or concrete.

Call us at ServicePros in Chandler today for expert help on what water damage repair and restoration you need to get your home out of danger back into pristine health.

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Water damage to your Chandler home can lead to health problems for your family in no time. Moisture that sinks into the floor and walls of your home, or even into your furniture or carpet, can lead to mold and mildew within a couple of days.

Mold growing in your home can be especially dangerous if you have allergies or asthma. If you happen to breed the wrong kind of mold, like poisonous black mold, your family may quickly get sick from the poisonous spores spewing into your air.

Mold in your furniture can mean spores spraying out every time you sit down. Never mind the danger of laying down for a midday nap on your mold-infested couch! The same is true of your carpet. Mold that starts growing under your house will eventually find its way into your home again.

A trained Chandler water damage repair and restoration technician will know exactly what to look for in your water-damaged home. They can prevent mold from growing, and even help prevent water from invading your home again in the future. The earlier you call us at ServicePros, the more problems you’ll be able to avoid completely, saving both your home and your wallet.

When a water-related disaster strikes, we at ServicePros are standing by to help you get your Chandler home repaired and restored from any resulting water damage. Do not delay! Let us help you save your home and your possessions.

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