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Prompt Water Damage Repair Service in Phoenix, Az

Trusted Water Damage Restoration Service

Just because your home or business is in a desert area like, say Phoenix, doesn't mean that you are immune to water damage. Heavy rains can lead to flash flooding. Burst water pipes, leaky hot water heaters, toilets, and bathtubs can all lead to water damage. Even a leaky roof can lead to water damage.

Water damage is more than just the unsightly water stains.  Once water gets into wood, brick, insulation, and carpet, it can breed mold and mildew. It can weaken subfloors and joists.  If left untreated, this can lead to serious structural concerns and health concerns if black mold should begin to grow.

Black mold can cause mild to severe respiratory illness.  A chronic cough and sneezing can be symptoms of illness caused by black mold.  Chronic headaches and nausea are other symptoms.  If black mold goes untreated, it can even lead to debilitating illness that may require hospitalization and even be fatal.

Wiping away or draining the water on the surface and cleaning the surface is not enough in most cases.  Mold can begin growing in water damaged areas in as little as 3 days.  It is important that the cleanup and treatment take place as soon as possible to prevent the growth of mold from ever occurring.  

Like mold, cleaning just the surface does not go far enough if there has been enough water damage done to your property in Phoenix.  Cracked foundations, rotten subfloors and wood, rotten carpet and insulation can all result from water damage.  If not cleaned and inspected thoroughly, these problems can worsen over time.  It is best to clean water damage thoroughly quickly before problems have time to compound and worsen, leading to more costly repairs.

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If you have water damage and need a reliable company to come out and clean, restore, repair, and thoroughly check your property, then look no further.  We are experienced in the business of water damage inspection, repair, and restoration.  We are serving the entire Phoenix Valley .

When you call for an appointment, we will arrive promptly to inspect your property for damage.  Not only will we locate the source or sources of the problem, we will give you a quote on the cleaning, repair, and restoration of your Phoenix home and commercial property.  Whether you are a homeowner, landlord, or business owner, we will provide all of our services to ensure that your property is restored to an absolute pristine condition.

We will thoroughly inspect your plumbing system to ensure that there are no cracks, leaks, or other reasons for more water damage in the future.  We will then give you a direct quote for the cost of repairs and restoration.  Our repair and restoration work is guaranteed and completed on time.  

Water damage can happen regardless of location.  Whether you have experienced a flash flood or arrived home to find a burst water pipe, we are here for you to help get your home back to the way it was again. Call us right now.

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