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We all lead busy lives, and for that reason it is easy to put things off just a little bit longer than they should be put off. For example, have you ever let your grass grow up just too tall, tall enough to start growing spurs, just because you didn't have the time to mow the lawn a few Saturdays in a row? Have you ever let your car go on too long without an oil change, knowing how bad that is for the engine, just because you're always too busy to worry about it. When your engine starts making a strange noise, you know you've pushed it off for far too long.

As a homeowner, there are simply too many things vying for your attention, usually all at the same time. In addition to the lawn needing mowing, you have to deal with minor repairs, DYI projects, and general cleaning, all of which are important parts of owning a home, even though they all take up tons of time and can occasionally add to your daily stress levels.

Imagine what can happen if you notice water damage in your Jacksonville, Florida home, yet another item needs your valuable attention. Water damage in your house, even damage that seems to be minor on the surface, can be a sign of something much more sinister, something that can’t be taken care of later, something that could hurt your home and family if you leave it.

So how can water damage in your home actually put your family’s life at risk?

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The risks of severe water damage

Unlike many things you may have vying for your attention as a homeowner, water damage in your house can be very dangerous if ignored. Even something that seems very small on the surface, such as a wet stain on your wall or carpet, may be a sign of something much more extensive under the surface like severe saturation under your floor or in your walls and ceilings.

All that saturation can be seeping into the very structure of your home, swelling and warping the wood beams above your head and the studs inside your walls. If it’s not taken care of soon, if you don’t get professional water damage repair and restoration quickly, your home’s structural integrity may be at risk.

On top of that, the threat of mold and mildew can harm your family’s health, especially if anyone living in your Jacksonville home suffers from allergies or asthma.

So when you discover water damage or any kind of size in your home, give us a call at ServicePros, and we’ll send you the very best local Jacksonville water damage repair and restoration experts to your home without delay, so this risk to your family’s health can be taken care of quickly.

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