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Emergency water and flood damage services in Sunrise, Florida.

ServicePros is available 24/7 when your home has an emergency.

When you discover that your home has water damage, dark clouds seem to form over your Sunrise, Florida home. You’re probably wondering how it happened, how you’re going to clean it up, what it’s going to cost, and how long it’s going to take.

At ServicePros, we have your answers.

How it happened. There are many ways that water could have entered the home. If it was a sewage backup, there might be a clog in the pipes. If it’s flood damage, it could be because of a heavy rainstorm. Other culprits of water damage include:

  • Irrigation systems and hoses
  • Toilets
  • Bathtubs and showers
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Roof

Some causes are less apparent. Don’t worry, though: Our team will be sure to look for the source of the damage and correct it so it does not happen again.

 How it’ll get cleaned up. We’ll do it! We have hundreds of teams across the United States and in the Sunrise, Florida area to handle all types of water damage cleanup. Your specific situation will determine what equipment is used and the steps to clean it up, but it is all generally conducted the same way.

What it will cost. Your insurance may cover your water damage, meaning you won’t have to pay anything. If it doesn’t, the cost of cleanup depends on the type of damage (flood versus sewage), the extent/severity of the damage, and the restoration needed.

How long it will take. Each situation is different, but on average it takes about three days to get an area thoroughly dried. Restoration may take a little bit longer. It all depends on the type of damage you had and how severe the damage is.

Do you still have more questions? If so, visit our FAQ page or call now to speak with a ServicePros representative. They can answer all of the above questions and more that you may have.

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Water Damage Spotlight: Flood Damage

While a small leak can cause a lot of damage over time, flooding is considered an emergency situation. If you find your home in an area of severe weather and notice that the water begins pouring inside, take action by turning off your electricity. If the floodwater comes into contact with a live electrical wire, it could spell disaster for individuals in your home. Never attempt to clean a flood mess without first turning off your home’s main electrical breaker.

Flooding can also cause a home’s sump pump or sewer lines to overflow, meaning that all this nasty, contaminated water has now entered your home and brought along all bacteria and disease with it. You can never be sure what is in floodwater, which is why you should never come into direct contact with it. You could be exposing yourself to bacteria and risk developing an illness; you could also develop rashes or other skin lesions through direct contact with contaminated material.

It is better to play it say and call ServicePros. Our teams are trained and certified, and they come prepared with the necessary attire and equipment to get the job done. You and your family can stay safe and out of harm’s way by allowing our team to conduct the cleanup. Plus you can rest assured that your home was adequately cleaned and disinfected, removing any chance of issues from lurking bacteria down the road.

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