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Emergency Water Damage Repair & Restoration in Aurora

Fix your Water Damage with a ServicePros

Standing water can cause a significant amount of damage to a home or business. It doesn’t matter how it is caused, from a flood, to a burst pipe, or just your kids leaving a bathtub overflowing. It’s a problem. Why?

If these building materials aren’t dried in time, they can become stained, warp, and allow bacteria and mold to flourish and cause illnesses. It’s not limited to building materials. Carpeting, carpet padding, rugs, upholstered furniture, pillows, children’s toys, and even trim and baseboards can become damaged when they become wet.  That musty smell that you get in a damp room or from laundry left in the washer too long is from bacteria, mold, and other microscopic organisms setting up shop.

If you have a sewage leak, the problems are even worse. You get the damaging effects of water plus the bacteria and other microorganisms soaked into your goods and home. It can quickly create a toxic environment and leave you gagging! If you even get the whiff of sewer smell in your home, that could be the sign of a broken pipe… it’s time to call a professional.  They have the equipment, special suits, and experience needed to clean up your most valued possessions.

No one wants to face the headaches and expense that water damage can cause, but the longer you wait the more expensive it will be. After 48 hours, standing water can soak into walls and floors and cause an expensive litany of issues. There’s no time to lose.

Stop water damage in its tracks. No matter how serious the water damage may look, we can help.  Protect your family, your workers, and your customers by hiring an Aurora water damage, repair and restoration professional through our service.

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Aurora, IL Water Damage Restoration

We are your water damage repair & restoration professionals

If your home or business has suffered from a water emergency, contact us today. Our ServicePros technicians will assess the water damage and tell you exactly what it will take to remove the excess water, clean the surfaces, and restore your establishment.

Using our specialized equipment and know-how, your ServicePros contractor will get your place back to normal as soon as possible. Here are just a few of the things you can expect.

  • All water dried up and gone
  • Damaged materials removed according to Illinois guidelines
  • Repairable areas returned to normal
  • Mold and bacterial worries gone
  • Worries about future leaks gone

Do you want to live with a water damage problem? That’s a health risk you don’t want to mess with. Protect your health and your property value by getting it repaired right the first time. This is one job you don’t want to try to do yourself. The risks are too high. Call ServicePros Now!

Aurora Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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