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Professional Water Damage Repair and Restoration in Berwyn

The Many Dangers of Water Damage

The worst part of a broken pipe or a backed up sink isn’t all the water that has to be cleaned up. It’s the water damage that follows. Even a small trickle can ruin walls or floors or furniture, and when storms blow in or winter snow starts to melt, it can be a lot more than a trickle. Just the very touch of water causes wood to warp. It rots upholstery. Any electronics touched by water will short-circuit and likely be destroyed.

Mold, an expensive and dangerous side-effect of water damage, begins to grow. Even if you’ve worked hard to clean up every drop of water, moisture can still be embedded in furniture, or walls, or carpets, quietly breeding mildew, bacteria or other microorganisms.

Berwyn, like so many Illinois towns, has its share of inclement weather, but a sudden overflow of water can come from so many sources. Our houses are filled with pipes to carry running water, and there are even more under the house and all over the neighborhood. At any time, any one of these could develop a crack, or a loose fitting, or become clogged, and then you wake up one morning or come home from work to find a discolored patch on the wall or a floor covered in water.

Berwyn water damage is one of those things that grows progressively worse over time if left untreated or partially treated. It’s the kind of circumstance where professional methods are almost always necessary, if only to make sure the cause is completely solved. The technicians of ServicePros are just a phone call (or a mouse click) away to repair water damage in your Berwyn home.

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Berwyn, IL Water Damage Restoration

More Than Just Repair

We understand the necessity of a quick response – water damage becomes more expensive by the hour. Our specialists are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allow us to be on our way the instant you discover the problem. In most cases, we will have a team at your site within the hour. The sooner we can attend to your water damage, the more inexpensive it will be to repair and restore.

It’s not enough for us to simply clean up the water. Our job is damage control, repair, and restoration. Even before the water is cleared away, we’ll take steps to protect any furniture left in the affected area. If the carpet can be salvaged, we’ll dry and clean it. Any moisture in the walls will be extracted to eliminate the possibility of mold or rot. Once that’s done, we’ll restore any affected possessions or areas, restoring them to their pre-flood states as closely as possible.

If your home or business is suffering from water damage, you’re going to need professional assistance. ServicePros has the experience and skill you need. When you find that leak, there’s no time to delay while water damage takes hold. Call our water damage and repair professionals in Berwyn right away and we’ll be there quickly to assess the damage and restore your home or business.

Berwyn Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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