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Chicago, IL

Prompt Water Damage Restoration & Repair in Chicago

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The Windy City isn’t just windy. It’s also very close to water. From the storms that come in from Lake Michigan to the pipe that bursts in your basement over winter, water damage is something that Chicagoans have to be on the look-out for. Water damage doesn’t just reduce the value of your home. It can be a real health hazard.

Water damage is a breeding ground for molds and other airborne contaminants that need a damp place to live. Black mold and cotton mold can easily get into the wood surrounding a leaking water heater in a forgotten closet. You could open it up one day and find a really nasty surprise. These molds can cause asthma and other respiratory illnesses if left unchecked. In severe cases, they can even cause death. That’s just one reason why it’s so important to repair water damage, not just clean up the mess. Even if you wipe away the exterior mold, it can still live in wood and brick. It must be treated so it can’t come back.

There’s also the question of structural damage. Water that has seeped into drywall or plaster may weaken the structure and raise the possibility of collapse. If you had a pipe burst in a drop ceiling, you likely have a lot of structural damage that must be repaired in order to bring the building back into code. We can tell you what needs to be fixed.

We know Chicago, IL residents need to get water damage repaired fast. The longer you wait, the more time that mold and water damage have to make your home or business unusable. But you also want to have the best water repair and restoration specialists in Chicago. Well, you’ve found them. See what our customers have had to say about our services in the past.

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Chicago, IL Water Damage Restoration

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ServicePros Water Damage Restoration Chicago is ready to help you with any water damage or water restoration service you need. Whether you’re a homeowner, a landlord, or you own one of those skyscrapers on the Miracle Mile, you need someone who can assess the situation and not waste time. Your home and your livelihood are at stake.

We will thoroughly check your structure for mold and rot and repair the pipes that are causing the problem. We will also inspect the rest of your plumbing system for any additional cracks or leaks that could lead to a repeat problem. When we’re done, you’ll know that your plumbing isn’t going to fail on you again for many years and that the air you breathe will be safe inside the structure.

Water damage of any kind isn’t something you want to live with. At best, it leaves unsightly marks on the walls. At worst, it can be a real health hazard. Call ServicePros now for 24/7 emergency service. One of our trained service professionals will come to your location to assess the damage, give you a quote and start the work immediately. We serve the entire Chicago area.

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