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Cicero, Illinois Water Damage Repair & Restoration

Emergency Water Damage Repair & Restoration Pros

Water damage can happen for any number of reasons. There might be flooding from heavy rains or melting snow. There might even be a leaking roof or a foundation crack. It can also be caused by broken or damaged pipes or backed up sewer lines. The result is the same: the water overflows and goes everywhere throughout the house.

The quicker water damage is dealt with after it happens, the better. Why? When water or excess moisture penetrates and soaks into wood, drywall or other building materials, it changes them. At a minimum, they’ll become stained. The longer the water sits around, the greater the chances of warping and deterioration. After about 48 hours, these wet surfaces are ready to grow mold and mildew. That damp, musty smell that you get in a humid basement is from all the bacteria and mold. Imagine that happening through your whole house.


It’s not just your walls and carpets you have to worry about. Any surface that gets damp can get damaged. That means all your interior goods are at risk as well. Your furniture and precious items could get ruined unless you take swift action with water damage repair and restoration in Cicero.


If it is possible to do so, shut off the water coming into your house through the water main.  All homeowners and tenants should know how to do this in case of a water emergency. However, if the water is high enough to reach your outlets, stay out! It could be electrified. In this case, you may need to call emergency services first to ensure your safety.
When your home or business gets wet, the task of cleaning up the excess water and repairing the damage can be intimidating. Take the best step to protect your family, your workers and your customers. Call the water damage repair and restoration professionals at ServicePros.

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Cicero, IL Water Damage Restoration

Experienced water damage repair & restoration professionals

ServicePros connects homeowners in need of water damage repair and restoration services with technicians who are ready to rush into your home at a moment’s notice. ServicePros professionals have the right experience and equipment to get the job done right the first time. No matter how your water damage was caused, we will come promptly and fix the problem.

Unless the problem is very small, water damage is something you don’t want to try to tackle yourself. Sagging drywall can suddenly collapse. Water built up in your home can carry all sorts of nasty organisms or toxic chemicals. Plus, there is the danger of not getting all the water out, forming an environment that’s perfect for mold growth. Let a professional handle it instead.

If your home or business has suffered from a water emergency, contact us immediately. There’s no time to waste. Put us to work for you and find out why Cicero residents think the world of us!

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