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Top Notch Water Damage Repair and Restoration in Elgin, IL

Say no to DIY water damage repair

So you walk into your kitchen, and you see your dishwasher is gushing water onto your kitchen floor. Or maybe a pipe has broken under your sink, and water is flowing out from underneath your counters. Your kitchen just suddenly decided to become a slip-n-slide waterpark. What do you do? What's your first course of action?

Maybe you freeze, dumbfounded at the mess, your mind reeling as you watch your kitchen fast become a swimming pool. With every second spent gawking at the rushing water, more water is seeping into your floor, furniture, and cabinets.  You can see the repair bills adding up in the back of your mind.

Or, maybe your first thought is to grab a mop and try to tackle the problem on your own. If so, think again.

The water you see flooding on the surface is really only half the problem. What’s happening underneath is the main issue. Water seeping into wood frames, cabinets, furniture, and floorboards—all the places you can’t see—will cause you the most heartache later.

When you see water destroying your kitchen, or any other part of your house, you need fast, professional help to save your Elgin IL property from the water damage. In a case like this, time is money, and, once the flooding has spread beyond a certain point, just using a mop might actually be wasting time and costing you more money.

When a mop just won’t cut it, we can offer you the fast, professional help you need.

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Elgin, IL Water Damage Restoration

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It’s hard to know just where water is going to flow when it’s not flowing through your pipes like it’s supposed to. Under the surface, water damage can spread to unexpected places.

But we at ServicePros in Elgin have you covered now.

Our years of professional experience have taught us how to think like water, and that means we are able to react quickly to the damage that is happening below the surface. We have time-tested techniques and technologies that allow us to pull moisture out of your precious furniture and belongings, preventing long-term problems like mold and rot.

Our skills go far beyond using a simple mop and pail, and our techniques can prevent the water damage from reaching areas of your house you might be less familiar with, like the wooden structures underneath your floorboards, or even your concrete foundations.  After stopping the immediate source of the flooding and clearing the area of water, we use industrial-strength dehumidifiers and drying tools to get out the water you can’t see.

So when you walk into your kitchen and see water gushing and flooding where it is not supposed to be keep in mind that the mop and pail won’t save you from the damage. Our expertise, however, promises to save you just that. Call us today for a emergency service on Elgin Il Water damage repair.

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