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You don't need to live in a flood zone to worry about flood damage to your home. A simple mistake like leaving your bathwater on for too long can turn your home into a soaked mess. When you stumble upon flooding in your bathroom, or any other room in your house, what should you do? You might normally attack the situation using a simple mop. You could use towels and old clothes to make a border to prevent the water from spreading any further. You might even use your own wet-vac.

But what if the flooding has been going on for several minutes? What if the water has already spread more than just a few feet? Will a mop and a household wet-vac really be able to handle the situation? Let’s look at a few possibilities.

The water that is pooling on your bathroom floor may have already spread farther than you can see. Water can flow under walls and seep into nearby rooms. As water passes underneath the walls, it can get absorbed into drywall, wooden studs, or insulation. All of that can be completely hidden from view until it’s too late. That seeping water, if not taken care of quickly, can soon lead to mold, a serious hazard.  It can also start to decay particle board subflooring that could lead to a soft spot in your floor, or even a hole!

So, while the mop and towels and wet-vac may be perfect for simple spills, more serious flooding needs to be handled by Joliet water damage professionals with experience. Call ServicePros instead to inspect your damage and fix the hidden problems.

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Joilet, IL Water Damage Restoration

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We have years of experience with cleaning up and repairing the damages caused by water inside of homes. And we at ServicePros are standing by in Joliet!

Because of the sheer number of flooding incidents we’ve handled, we are able to predict exactly where water is going to flow, even when it is flowing in places that you cannot see with the naked eye. We have the right equipment to detect pockets of saturation just waiting to cause serious problems months later. That means we are able to prevent future problems like mold and rot long before they start.

So when your hectic life distracts you long enough to start a minor flood in your bathroom, stop and think. Is this a situation that a simple mop and pail can handle? Or, is it time to call the professionals?

We are interested in helping you overcome your flooding disaster as quickly as possible. You can be sure that we will look out for the health of both your family and your home, so you can get back to the things that matter most. Call ServicePros today to get a qualified water damage contractor out to your home the same day.

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