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Water Damage? No Problem!

Canton's Got It Covered with the Boston Area's Best Pros

Canton may be keeping America running on the nation's best coffee and its most solid running shoes, but when it comes to water runoff inherent to living in New England, we've got our own hassles to contend with. Rainy weather is part of our Massachusetts heritage, and even if you love the smell of the ozone released in a good storm or the look of the rain through the trees from your window, nobody loves the inevitable aftereffects of the sudden influx of water on our roofs and into our yards: household water damage.

We don’t live here by mistake, and we wouldn’t give this location up for anything. We just know that making sure that repair and restoration happens quickly when storm related damage happens needs to be a priority, and we take care of it. We’re practical like that.

We know that standing water can take a toll almost immediately. Yards become waterlogged and plantings begin to suffer. Basement carpets become soaked and hidden spores of toxic black mold begin to grow and flourish. Sewage backs up into bathrooms and kitchens. Drywall begins to degrade and crumble. Wet electrical outlets become an electrocution and fire hazard. And we also know that when something as important as our morning donut or the integrity of our living spaces is at stake, it’s not a do-it-yourself job. Not when the best professional support is available.

Breakfast professionals have donut-making equipment that isn’t available in a home kitchen. And water damage repair professionals have access to the pumps, scrubbers, dehumidifiers, and hazard removal equipment that to do the job right, equipment which is not necessarily in the price range of your average do-it-yourselfer.  They also have the skills to ensure that your water damage is merely a short-term issue rather than an ongoing headache.

Canton knows quality, and we’re not afraid to say what we think. Our customers from all over the Greater Boston area can’t stop raving about our successful results and no-nonsense attitude.

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Whenever you need us, the morning after a giant thunderstorm or just after your own plumbing mishap, ServicePros’ top notch, highly efficient repair team is there. We travel to your site to make a skilled assessment of the extent of your water resolution problem. We will work with you until everything is cleaned and restored to your satisfaction. Our teams have years of experience in ferreting out every potential problem. When it comes to water damage, 90% of leak repair, basement drying, or mold elimination isn’t good enough.  Any residual moisture or growth is guaranteed to recur and spread, causing you headaches in the future.

That’s why ServicePros commits to a 100% restoration of your home to its dry and sanitary state. When we tell you your house and yard are in good shape, we mean it!  Home inspections of ServicePros maintained properties all over Massachusetts prove it. And our company guarantee lets you know that we stand by our work completely. After our restoration team finishes, you won’t even be able to tell that you ever had a water damage issue!

So anytime the rain turns into more than a momentary hassle, call the friendly, competent technicians of ServicePros’. You’ll be glad you did.

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