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Flooding, Sewage, Water Damage? Oh My! ServicePros Handles It All

Whatever water damage your Lynn, MA home has, ServicePros can clean it.

Flooding, sewage backup, and water damage are three emergencies that are part of a homeowners’ worst nightmare. From the tedious cleanup process to the financial drain, they are situations that no one ever wants to face. But as we all know, life is unpredictable, and even the best precautions cannot prevent disaster from striking.

Fortunately, ServicePros has made Massachusetts its home: We love the close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and who can resist living 10 miles away from one of the most historic cities in the nation? Since we’re neighbors, we can easily travel to your Lynn home when you have a situation on your hands. And with the volatile nature of Massachusetts’s weather, that could be at any time!

We offer flood damage cleanup and restoration for homes and basements. Whether your home was affected by recent heavy storms or you find that your basement has a leak, our team can extract the water and pinpoint the source of the damage.

Sewage backup is one type of damage that no homeowner wants to deal with, so we’ll do it for you! Our teams are trained to handle this unique type of water damage and have the appropriate equipment and attire to keep themselves safe. Your house will be clean and virus free when they’re done!

Found water stains on your walls or a bulging spot on the ceiling? ServicePros also offers water removal and extraction services for basic water damages. So whether your roof lets in rainwater or your toilet overflowed, we have the equipment and trained, experienced teams to help.

We’ve helped hundreds of families throughout the state of Massachusetts and thousands more across the nation. They appreciate our friendly teams and efficient cleanup services. See what else they have to say and then give us a call!

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ServicePros has solutions for all types of damages

Finding any type of water in the home is shocking. We always like to think that it cannot happen to our home. But we’ve helped enough clients to know that damage can occur anywhere at anytime in a variety of ways!

In addition to cleaning up the mess, our team will help pinpoint the source of the damage. Sometimes it is obvious, such as a backed-up toilet or a recent heavy storm. In other cases, the issue has been going on for a while, such as a small leak that caused damage over time. At this point, the homeowner only becomes aware when the problem has become severe, meaning their situation requires more costly repairs.  We’ve seen the worst that water can do to a home. A lot of it is unpreventable whereas other cases require changes on the homeowners’ part. No matter how your home was damaged or how the problem occurred, ServicePros is here to help!

Call to speak with a representative and find out more information on these services. We can send someone to your home to assess the water damage and provide you a quote for the service. A team can arrive at your home within the next few hours!

Lynn, MA Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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