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The Hidden Dangers of Water Damage

Water damage encompasses a large number of ways water can harm, or even destroy, things that are important to you. It’s unfortunately a very common problem in homes, especially older ones. When a lot of rain and heavy snow comes through the Quincy/Boston area, you might find that your home has developed a small crack, letting in a lot of water. But that’s not the only way unwanted water can get into your home.

It could also come from an overflowing dishwasher or backed-up and overworked drainage systems. Whatever the reason, the end result is the same: water where it shouldn’t be. The amount of water doesn’t have to be much.

The signs of water damage can be quite subtle. You may notice water spots on the wall or the ceiling, along with new cracks where water is starting to leak in. These should never be ignored because the leaks will get bigger with each subsequent rainfall or snowmelt until what was simply a tiny amount of moisture becomes a full-fledged breach in your home.

More than that, water inside the structure of your home is even more dangerous than the water you can see. Deep inside your walls and ceiling the moisture is promoting the growth of mold, which brings a great number of health hazards. The water can also cause the wood that supports your home to swell and warp, endangering your home on a structural level. In severe floods, it is only a matter of hours before that standing water begins to develop its own biological hazards, all the while slowly destroying virtually everything it touches.

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Quincy Water Damage Repair and Restoration When You Need It

It’s important to get professional assistance at the first point you see the signs of water damage. The sooner it’s spotted, the easier (and more inexpensive) it is to repair. There is no time to waste.  We understand the need to start soon as possible and our water damage repair and restoration teams are ready to go in Quincy or anywhere else in Massachusetts you happen to be. Being local, we can arrive at your home within an hour of your call, whenever you call, whether on the weekend or late at night. Our teams are standing by, ready to, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

It’s not enough to remove the excess water. Our certified technicians have the equipment and training to completely dry your home at the deepest level, removing any potential for the development of mold or for further structural damage. We’ll go above and beyond simply drying. Whenever possible, it is our goal to return everything to its pre-flood status, making it look as if the disaster never occurred in the first place.

Our expert water damage repair and restoration team in Quincy is standing by, waiting for your call. Contact us the moment you see the evidence of water damage because every hour that passes is another hour water damage can take its toll.

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