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ServicePros Repairs and Restores Baltimore Homes Damaged by Water

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From the exquisite culinary scene to the abundance of events during festival season, there’s always something to do in Baltimore! Like us, you probably settled down in the Baltimore area because of its vibrant social scene, well-known attractions, and historic neighborhoods. But as lovely as the homes are in Baltimore, they too are subject to experiencing water damage.

In fact, all homes are susceptible to experiencing water damage. From torrential rains or hurricanes to overwatering or surface runoff drainage systems failing, water can enter the home in a variety of ways. When you discover water damage in your home, you need to begin the process of water damage repair and restoration.  You need to fix the weak spot in your home where the water came in. ServicePros can help with both.

Our trained, experienced professionals know how to handle water damage in a home. They will ensure that the affected area is cleaned and disinfected, as groundwater can carry a host of bacteria that it can then bring into the home. While we are cleaning up, we’ll look for the source of the problem so that it can be fixed, meaning you don’t experience water damage from the same source twice. Reasons that water may have entered your home include:

  • Foundation cracks
  • Too-close irrigation system
  • Rusted or corroded pipes (indoors or underground)
  • Clogged, debris-filled gutters
  • Damaged roof (missing shingles, hail damage)
  • System failure (drains, sewer system, sump pump)

We’ve served hundreds of clients in Baltimore and the surrounding areas. Let us make you another happy client! Call us today to speak with one ServicePros’ representatives. They will send someone to your home to assess the water damage and offer you a quote for our services. Because we are conveniently located in the Baltimore area we can get started on your home within the hour!

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There is no way to guarantee that water will not enter the home, but you can take precautions to help prevent water from some common sources. You can get sealant to waterproof your basement or interior walls or invest in leak water alarms, which trigger if it detects water in a certain area.

Your best defense against encountering water in the home is by maintaining your home. More severe water damage happens when a home is not properly taken care of. Keep an eye on these areas of your home:

  • Foundation—Check the inside and outside for cracks and damages
  • Pipes—Consider replacing rusted or corroded pipes inside the home or underground.
  • Trees—Maintain trees and shrubs, especially the roots. As trees/shrub grow, their roots grow and search for water. If they are too close to pipes, the roots will grow towards the pipes and cause damage.
  • Structure—If your windows and doors seem harder to close, that could indicate structural damage.

If you’ve experienced water damage, don’t delay in calling us to get the water damage repair and restoration process started! Waiting longer means more damage and more money out of your wallet. Call Baltimore ServicePros for an immediate quote.

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