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The Slow Ruin of Water Damage

Bowie gets its share of major storms, just as in most places across Maryland. Leaky roofs, basements taking on water, and other problems can bring the water inside, causing a great deal of damage. And unfortunately, those are far from the only sources. The water we use every day can turn quickly from a vital convenience to a hassle that becomes the main event for an entire week. All it takes is a clogged or broken pipe and there’s water all over the floor.

The immediate difficulties that come with a flooded room are obvious. Any electronics are probably shot. Even if the water is clean, it stains and warps the walls and leaves its mark on furniture. But that’s just the surface. Water damage is the kind of problem that starts out bad and then continues to get progressively worse. Seeping deep into carpets, hardwood floors, drywall, and upholstery, water continues to do its work where it can’t be seen.

It’s never a good idea to just vacuum up the water and repaint the walls and hope for the best. Mold can start growing between the boards of your hardwood floors, under the carpet padding, or inside any cushions. The wood inside your furniture, and even inside your walls can warp due to internal moisture, making the furniture unusable and even threatening the structural integrity of your home. Water damage repair and restoration is a job for a professional crew.

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Water Damage Repair and Restoration When You Need It

Qualified water damage repair and restoration technicians are nearby, right in Bowie, so you can be assured they’ll arrive promptly. Because we have facilities in Bowie, we can be at your location within an hour after your call. And because time is extremely important in matters involving water damage, we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Not only does water work fast, it works relatively quickly. It can take a matter of hours for an influx of clean water into your home to become contaminated dirty water, which can make you and your family ill. In that time, the water can soak into most of the materials it touches, creating complications that can haunt you for years to come if the water isn’t properly extracted. In short, the longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to repair.

Our qualified teams are experts at water damage repair and restoration. They know the signs of water damage and the methods of rolling that damage back. The key words are repair and restore. Not only will every vestige of water be extracted from inside your walls, floors, and possessions, but our crews will then attempt to restore everything to its original shape, removing the ugly discolorations and other damage caused by the flooding.

The kind of service we provide is the service you need after a water damage incident to get back to your life and put the incident behind you. Call us right away for an estimate on water damage repair and restoration in Bowie the moment you find one (or more) of your floors covered in water.

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