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Don’t Let Water Damage Ruin Your Beautiful Catonsville Home

The Baltimore Area's Repair and Restoration Experts Are Here For You

Everyone knows the citizens of Catonsville are smart. That's why UMBC consistently ranks among the top 200 U.S. institutions in research expenditures, including significant funding toward environmental sciences. Thoughtful institutions and individuals alike know that water damage isn't something to be ignored and that prompt water damage repair and restoration is the only way to make sure small problems don't grow and big problems don't become devastating.

Sudden water damage from a storm, a toilet overflow, or a broken pipe or water main can begin to degrade and destroy property almost immediately.  It can come from the physical strain of rushing water, the effect of water contact with tile and brick, finishes, paints, lacquers, and wallpapers, or the beginnings of the expansion of tiny cracks and fissures anywhere in your plumbing system. Resilient residual molds hiding in crevices from a previous water damage issue, perhaps even one that occurred before you were in charge of the building, can explode into action, causing discoloration, weakening of structural integrity, and release of spores into the air that can cause allergies, asthma, and even permanent respiratory damage. That’s why beginning the repair and restoration process as soon as possible is critical to both your health and the health of your building, short and long term.

The area immediately around the building can also prove to be a concern to people who aren’t as experienced with water damage. Clogged or broken drains around the property can lead to water re-entering basements through the foundation, and unrepaired exterior pumps that were damaged by floods can fail to work the next time they are needed. If your property’s drainage is insufficient, problems will recur.

It doesn’t take an advanced science degree to know that when you care about your property, you want to trust the experts in the field to get the best and most complete service. When the most skilled technicians in water damage repair and restoration are also the friendliest and most helpful, people can’t help but rave about it. Check out the evidence in our stellar reviews.

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ServicePros: Maryland's Smartest Choice in Water Damage Professionalism

ServicePros’ technical staff are the leaders in the field of water damage repair and restoration. They will come to your home or business and assess both moveable items like furniture, files, and electronics and structural components of your building in order to give you a confident read on which items must be carted away and destroyed, which can be safely repaired on-site, and which can be cleaned using state of the art filtration and scrubbing equipment to ensure that all pathogens are removed for both personal health and environmental compliance.

But ServicePros cares far beyond the merely practical. Our trained professionals also are experts in the aesthetics of restoration after water damage, bringing your office or personal space back to the beauty that you expected when you first purchased the property. Whether you want to return everything to as close to the original as possible, or whether you’re ready to see the silver lining of the raincloud of water damage and take the opportunity for modernization of structural elements of plumbing systems, ServicePros has access to the tools and materials to make repairs and updates and the experience to advise you on the project from start to finish.

If you do the research into the most flexible, powerful options for repair and restoration in the Greater Baltimore’s area, you’ll discover that ServicePros’ reliable service is the choice of your colleagues and neighbors, and it should be yours too! One phone call is all it takes to get the leaders for water damage solutions on your team.

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