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The Best Water Damage Repair and Restoration Services Dundalk, MD Has to Offer

Don’t Trust Your Water Damage To Amateurs

It takes more to clean up a water damage emergency than just a few towels and a shop-vac. That’s why for your Dundalk water damage repair and restoration services, you want to give the professionals at ServicePros a call. Emergencies don’t work on your schedule, but we do. We’re available any time of the day (yes, even at 3 am) to tackle even the most severe of water situations.

Water damage can’t wait for you to simply get around to it, as your family’s health and livelihood are at stake.  We can help you out with several situations, including:

  • Pipe bursts
  • Bubbling wallpaper
  • Appliance hose ruptures
  • Overflowing bathtub
  • Flood cleanup and damage
  • Sewage cleanup and restoration
  • Broken fire sprinkler

When we get to your place, we will first take care of the immediate problem.  If a pipe has burst and is gushing water, we will make sure to stop that.  Then, and only then, the repair and restoration can begin.  We will thoroughly assess the situation and provide you with experience-based solutions to fix your water damage problem.

Our Dundalk-based water damage repair and restoration technicians are professionally trained to handle any situation, from gushing black water to slow leaks.  It’s always much better to put your home in the hands of professionals instead of trying to do it yourself – after all, we have the necessary years of experience to quickly and efficiently clear your home of the water.

Even a few hours is enough time for water to turn from clean to grey. Depending on the source of it, it most likely didn’t start as fresh, potable water.  Don’t let the bacteria, the mold, and the detritus take a hold to saturate your carpets, your drywall, and the rest of your home.

Why Choose Us

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Leave your Water Damage Repair and Restoration to the Professionals

ServicePros Dundalk takes water damage repair and restoration to the next level. We respond to your call as soon as possible, making sure that the standing water isn’t allowed to fester one minute longer than it needs to.

Our ServicePros water damage repair and restoration technicians in Dundalk arrive with state-of-the-art equipment to fight the water.  First, the high-powered vacuums are industrial strength, meaning that they can easily remove an inch or a foot of water.  Once the water is pumped out, we start the drying process.  Knowing that mold can grow in hidden nooks and crannies, we seek out all of the water-affected areas.

From there, we will assess the condition of your possessions and the structural foundation of your home.  The restoration process begins with evaluation and debris removal.  We will do our best to get your home back to where it was before the water emergency.

We can’t start with your Dundalk water damage repair and restoration until you give us a call.  The sopping floors and carpet won’t wait.  

Dundalk, MD Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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