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A house that has water damage can be just as devastated as a house that caught fire. The only difference is that eagle-eyed homeowners can remove water from the home before the damage becomes too severe.

Water in the home is dangerous for a variety of reasons. Water is listed in three categories: Clean Water (1), Grey Water (2), and Black Water (3). When this water enters the home, it brings anything it’s harboring with it. Grey water, for instance, comes from sources that have a degree of chemical, physical, or biological contaminants that can cause illness. You need to restore your home to its safe environment by removing this water and killing all the nasty bacteria that joined it.

Another reason is that it encourages mold to grow. Mold likes moist, warm, humid environments and can grow as quickly as 24 hours. Some people may not notice any negative health effects, but it’s especially harmful to people who suffer mold allergies, those with mold sensitivities, or those with weak immune systems. Symptoms of mold in the home include nasal stuffiness, wheezing, eye irritation, and fever. Those with preexisting lung illnesses could also develop mold in the lung.

Finally, water can make your home’s structure weak. It can leave cracks in the foundation and saturate insulation (encouraging mold growth). You may find that your doors and windows become harder to close, indicating that your framework has been damaged.

However you find water in your home—from an overflowing toilet to severe rain—it needs to be removed immediately. ServicePros offers prompt, efficient services for all types of water damages that a Parkville home might experience. Call to speak with a ServicePros representative; they can send someone out to assess your home and provide a quote for our services. We can get started that same day!

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From sewage backup to a flooded basement, we won’t shy away from even the toughest (sometimes nastiest) jobs. You never know what could have entered your home, so it’s best to stay cautious and hire us to handle the mess for you. Not to mention, it’s easier on you!

You can prevent experiencing water in the home or a sewage backup by adhering to the following:

  • Never flush anything but toilet paper down the toilet
  • If you have a septic tank system, only use septic-safe paper
  • Avoid disposing of fibrous foods, pasta, and rice in your kitchen’s garbage disposal
  • Make sure to immediately repair cracks and damages to your home’s foundation, siding, brickwork, and roof
  • Understand the way your landscape slopes: Water should drain away from the home, not toward it

Keep children and pets away from both sewage and standing water. Sewage contains a variety of nasty bacteria that can cause illness, and handling raw materials contaminated by sewage can cause rashes and skin irritation.

By following these and other guidelines, you can help protect your home. Remember that accidents do occur, which is why we’re available 24/7 to help with water damage whenever you need us.



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