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Don’t Let Water Damage Destroy Your Investment

Homes in Anoka Deserve the Attention of Minnesota's Best Restoration Teams

Your home is important to you. It's where you sleep, where you relax, where you spend your weekends, and where you raise your family. You're subtly aware of how it looks and even how it smells, every day. But sometimes small, slow changes, like water damage spots slowly blooming underneath paint, back walls of damp basement closets beginning to have mold grow and spread hidden behind winter clothing, or older pipes beginning to have hairline leaks, can go unnoticed. By the time these problems force themselves to the forefront with a burst pipe, a collapsing wall, peeling paint with rot underneath, or even respiratory illness for the people who live in your home, the situation can be systemic and extreme.

But your home is more than just a place to live. For most people, the purchase of their home is the largest investment they make in their lifetime. Water damage left to progress without regular maintenance and repair begins to devalue the property. If you decide to sell or refinance your property, or to take out an additional mortgage, you could discover that your home is worth less than you expected, or that a significant investment will be required to make it legal to put on the market or attractive to buyers. Even if you never intend to move, the financial outcome of neglecting water damage issues will come to haunt you. If you decide to make upgrades to your home and go to apply for building permits, you could risk finding a situation in which other parts of your home are discovered to be out of compliance with Minnesota building and occupancy laws.

Don’t wait for a crisis to occur to begin the maintenance and restoration of the systems and structures of your home to restore moldy, degrading, and hazardous situations back to safety, beauty, and value. Call for an assessment of your home by our careful, friendly team of water issue specialists, just as your satisfied neighbors have done.

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Whether you’re taking charge of a water damage situation before it gets out of control or whether you’re already in crisis, ServicePros’ trained repair and restoration professionals get to you fast with the know-how to solve your problem, 365 days a year. We start with an expert assessment of the most urgent problems and facilitate quick action, whether that requires containment, pumping, or carting of contaminated materials. Hazardous biocontaminants are removed with HEPA-grade scrubbers and filters, and all materials are restored with top-grade building and plumbing components, quite possibly of higher quality than those that were available when your home was originally built. Carpets, ceilings, and wall coverings are restored to their natural beauty. ServicePros works with you to make sure all repairs bring your home back into legal compliance while also looking great.

ServicePros has years of experience battling water problems in homes built in every period. So whether you’re in a development with new construction or in a home your family has owned for generations, we’re ready to understand the building and help. With our eagle eyes on your project, we’ll discover problems you didn’t even know you had, then fix them so they won’t be problems going forward. You have the best home, so call the best water damage repair and restoration experts: ServicePros.

Anoka, MN Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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