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ServicePros Offers Cleanup for All Water Damage Situations

Located conveniently in Apple Valley, MN. We’re only a phone call away.

Apple Valley is one of the top twenty best places to live in the United States, and it’s no surprise: Home to the Minnesota Zoo and family friendly events like Apple Valley Freedom Days and Apple Valley Winter Carnival, it’s a great atmosphere to raise a family. You likely bought a home in or stayed in Apple Valley for these and similar reasons. You decided to “plant” your roots and “grow” and “prosper” in this Minnesota city.

Like all homeowners, you know that owning a home is a challenge of finance and maintenance but is also an incredibly rewarding experience. So when you discover that your home has experienced any type of water damage, it is a crushing realization. It’s heartbreaking to see that your home, into which you have invested so much, now requires extensive repairs.


That’s why ServicePros has also made a home in Apple Valley. We have experienced contractors in and around the area who can not only clean up your home’s water damage but restore the damaged areas of your home, too. Instead of looking for a cleaning service and a restoration service, we offer it in one convenient call.

Experiencing water damage for the first time is shocking, and you may not realize the intensity of the cleanup process. Let’s say you have a flooded basement. You’ll have to first remove all items from the basement, which can be far too much for one person alone. Removing the standing water through a single Shop-Vac could take a full day, which spells disaster for the home: The longer it takes the remove the water, the more damage to your home’s structure and the more likely that mold will grow.

After removing the water, you need to dry out any wood floors or carpet and areas of the wall that were submerged as well. Fans will take too long and will not remove all the moisture from the air. They also cannot penetrate deep into the walls, where moisture has taken residence inside insulation and other building materials. While your walls could feel dry, the inside could still be wet.

By calling ServicePros, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. We take care of it for you.

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Protect Your Home: Common Areas of Water Damage

Water damage can occur for any reason at any time. You may find your home flooded from a storm or because of a busted pipe. Your toilet may back up or your sump pump could give way. You can never be too sure when, how, or where you’ll experience damage, but these are the common areas of the home:

  • Basement. Because they are the lowest level of the home, basements are inherently prone to flooding. Cracks in the walls could allow groundwater to seep through, or a sump pump may stop working and allow outside water to come in. And once it is in, there isn’t anywhere for it to drain, meaning it must be manually removed.
  • Bathroom. Your toilet could back up or you may find that your tub overflowed. Because water is so prevalent in bathrooms (plumbing and sewer systems; faucets, showers, toilets), you are more likely to find damage here.
  • Roof. Your roof is one of the main protections against rain, and when which becomes weakened or ruined in any way you could find yourself with water in the home. While the damage may not be readily apparent—such as water dripping on your head—you may begin to notice stains on the ceilings or walls.
  • Laundry room. Your appliances may give way and begin leaking, or you could have a busted water line. Make sure that you follow directions and avoid overstuffing your washer with clothes.

Anywhere in your home that water is supplied to or taken from has the potential to cause damage. And whenever that happens, ServicePros is available 24/7 for any water damage repairs.

Apple Valley, MN Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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