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Handling All Water Damage Needs in Blaine, Minnesota

No matter what your situation, our water damage teams have the experience to handle it!

ServicePros is available 24/7 to take care of all types of water damage, offering services including:

  • Carpet drying
  • Water removal and cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Water damage repair
  • Flooded basement cleanup
  • Flood damage restoration

So whether you need just your carpets dried or a whole restoration after flood damage, we have trained teams available to do so.

Here’s how we handle the three major types of damage:

  • Flood Damage: We will request that the electricity be shut off if we determine there is a possibility of electrocution. All furnishings and household items are removed from the affected area and set to dry. The water will be extracted and the area will be treated with fans to allow the area to dry. The entire area will also be cleansed and disinfected to remove any remaining bacteria or pathogens. After the area is cleaned we can go ahead with the restoration.
  • Sewage Damage: We will request that the electricity be shut off it we determine there is a possibility of electrocution. Our team will be dressed head to toe in protective gear. We’ll search for the source of the sewage as we begin cleaning. Our first step will be to remove and safely dispose of the sewage and contaminated materials. If materials or items can be decontaminated, we will work to do so. Your air conditioning system may have received damage and will need to be cleaned or replaced. The area will be thoroughly dried and disinfected before any repairs are made.
  • Water Damage: The electricity needs to be shut off, as we want to remove any possibility of electrocution. Our team will then work on removing all affected household items and/or furnishings while searching for the source of the water. We may have to cut into the walls or ceiling to find the source (don’t worry, we’ll fix it!). Once we discover the source we can fix the problem and remove all remaining water. We will then be able to restore the damaged areas of the home.

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Reclaim your home from water damage.

Experiencing water damage is no fun, and it initially feels like the damage has taken control of your home—and your life. By calling ServicePros, you can tackle this issue head-on. You’ll have the most experienced contractors at your disposal, ready to help with whatever type of water damage your home has. You’ll feel in control of your home again in no time!

As homeowners ourselves, we know how exhausting water damage cleanups can be—after all, it’s all we do! That’s why we’ve made ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Water damage can occur at any day or night, and it’s important to handle them as soon as they happen. Some things just can’t wait until the office opens at 9 a.m.!

Trust ServicePros to handle whatever your Blaine, Minnesota home is facing. Call us at 855-681-8848 now to speak with a representative. They can answer any questions you may have regarding our available services. If you need someone to assess your home’s damage and offer a quote for a service they can do that too. And because we have teams conveniently located throughout the state of Minnesota, we can send a team to your home within the next few hours.

Blaine, MN Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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