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Water Damage Got You Down?

Brooklyn Park's Water Damage Repair and Restoration Specialists Will Fix It!

When you live in one of the most bucolic suburbs of the Twin Cities, you want your home to be your castle. The rivers and lakes of the area just add to the beauty. When rainwater floods your roof, yard, or basement, or a plumbing backup makes a giant mess, it's hard to be restful. And the more you think about it, the worse it gets. The idea of water sneaking into cracks in your home's foundation and leaking underneath your ceiling tiles is the stuff of nightmares. The thought of mold spreading every day inside the fibers of your carpets is cringeworthy. Images of yards so waterlogged that grass turns to mud and storm drains fill up with debris could give any homeowner the shakes.

Water damage can progress so quickly that hardware store solutions rarely work. While you’re finding the Wet-Vac in your storage room and trying to figure out where to buy drying crystals, spores of pervasive toxigenic molds like Stachybotrys are migrating from your air conditioning and ventilation systems into moist areas between your carpets and walls, your insulation is turning to mush from the moisture contact, and your electrical systems are at risk of shorts and blowouts.

Later on, when you think you have removed all of the water but you haven’t, your flooring, paint and wallpaper are rotting from the inside out, and the wooden supports holding your walls up are beginning to warp from residual dampness. You don’t even have any idea what needs repairing in your home, and you wonder what the inspection will discover when it comes time to refinance or sell.

Water damage is annoying, but it doesn’t have to be scary. Our expert repair and restoration professionals can bring your water damage nightmares into the light, replacing them with pleasant dreams of your healthy, well maintained, and perfectly dry home. No matter what fangs your water damage problem has, ServicePros’ friendly technicians have the tools and the know-how to cut it down to size. Our reviews speak for themselves.

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ServicePros’ trained repair and restoration professionals are ready to deal with your water issues, wherever and whenever they manifest, rain or shine. We bring our HEPA grade, OSHA approved portable pumping, scrubbing, and filtration systems to your property to move water quickly and safely away from your valuable furnishings and finishes.  We also remove contaminants from surfaces and from the air. Whether you’ve had a major influx of water or just a persistent slow leak, whether you’ve got truckloads of damaged property that need to be carted away, fine upholstery that needs careful shampooing, or waterlogged flooring that needs replacement, ServicePros has the tools for the job, and the people who know how to use them effectively.

Our compliance experts will make sure that after your repairs are done, your property meets Minnesota’s state building codes. Our thorough inspection teams cover the interior and exterior of your home and the surrounding properties, making sure that no areas of damage are missed and that all water damage repair and restoration is done to our own exacting standards. We fully document our process and make a complete inventory of work completed, so you can know that no potential for ongoing water issues has been overlooked. Every ServicePros technician stands by his or her work.

Water damage is a serious problem, but it doesn’t need to be a fright show. Sleep easy in a home made dry and comfortable by the hard work of Brooklyn Park’s premier water repair team. ServicePros’ operators are here to take your call, whenever you need us.

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