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Has Water Damaged Your Coon Rapids Home?

ServicePros will handle all your water damage needs!

Water is one of the most valuable resources on the planet. It sustains the Earth and, in turn, us: We need to drink it in order to survive and we need it to water our crops. But as positive of a force that water can be, it can also cause great destruction: Flooding from rivers and streams can cause water to flow over the banks, into the streets, and inside houses.And when water makes its way inside the house, the damage can cost hundreds of dollars to fix.

A home with water damage can experience mold growth, develop a weakened foundation, or begin to warp and lean. These safety hazards put inhabitants at risk. Mold can cause the air quality to change, causing inhabitants to begin coughing and wheezing due to exposure to mold spores. The integrity of the home is also in jeopardy when water saturates a home’s foundation, causing wooden frames to become weak. The structure may begin to lean or even give way in some areas. That’s why as soon as water damage is detected it must be extracted and the point of entry fixed.

There are three main types of water damage: Basic water damage, flood damage, and sewage damage.

  • Basic water damage includes damage from an overflowing bathtub or broken faucet. Other damage may occur inside the walls, such as from a busted water supply line. You’ll know you have water damage if you see any stains on your wall or begin to notice a bulging spot on the walls and/or ceiling.
  • Flood damage can occur in any area of the home, but many homeowners usually experience flooding in their basement. Extreme rainstorms are one way that a home can flood. Other ways include busted supply lines or groundwater that seeps over the foundation and into the walls.
  • Sewage damage can happen anywhere there is a sewage output system, including the toilet (bathroom) or garbage disposal (kitchen). Sewage usually backs up into the home when there is a clog in the piping, but it can occur due to other issues as well.

ServicePros handles all three of these water damage disasters. Call us now!

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All is Not Lost: ServicePros Work to Save Your Home

ServicePros is conveniently located near the Coon Rapids, Minnesota area, meaning we can arrive at your location in a few hours after the first call. Your immediate action after detecting water damage is necessary in order to save as much as possible. If not, you’ll be looking at a greater loss of possessions—and more money out of your pocket!

Did you know that mold can grow within 24 hours? According to the Center for Disease Control, mold requires a warm, humid environment and very little time to move in and make itself at home. Additionally, the water that enters your home is likely not the cleanest: It could harbor all sorts of nasty bacteria or viruses that can make you and your family sick. That’s why you need to take care of the water damage as soon as possible!

ServicePros offers quality service for water damage in Coon Rapids. Our experienced crews work quickly to salvage as much of your home after it experiences damage. They know the proper steps to take to ensure that your home is properly cleaned and that your family remains safe.

Call now to speak with a ServicePros representative. They will be happy to answer any questions regarding our services, geographic location, and pricing.

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