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Regain Control of Your Minneapolis, MN Home With ServicePros

From flooded homes to a backed up sewage system, ServicePros has the experience to handle it all.

Your Minneapolis home is your castle and you are the king. But as in days of old, we know that even the most fortified of castles can be breached! The same rings true for your home. No matter how waterproof your basement or sturdy your home’s foundation, water can and will find its way inside. It could be in the form of a backed up toilet or the rushing floodwaters after a massive storm.

ServicePros offers four main services:

  • Water Extraction and Removal: Whether your kids forced the tub to overflow or you suddenly noticed there was a leak behind the walls, our team can remove the water and repair damages to the home, including replacing drywall.
  • Water Damage Repair: Our team will remove the standing water from the home and extract all contaminated materials. We will help you sort through what is salvageable and what needs to be trashed.
  • Flooded Basement Restoration: Our team will remove the standing water from the basement and help pinpoint its origin. We can take care of the repairs for you as well, from the affected areas of the basement to the problem that caused the flooding in the first place.
  • Sewage Cleanup and Repair: Let a ServicePros team clean the area affected by sewage and properly dispose of all contaminated materials. They will ensure your home is adequately disinfected so your family remains safe in your home.

 We make it our mission to provide the highest quality service for any and all types of water damage that your home could encounter. These issues can occur at any time, so our teams are available 24/7 to service your Minneapolis home. Each passing minute makes a difference in cost and the health of your home. Call us now!

Why Choose Us

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Keep your home safe with ServicePros.

Our teams will assist you throughout the entire cleanup process—that includes completing the restoration services. Other companies only provide a team to help clean up the mess, leaving you on your own to handle the repairs.  Our job isn’t complete until your home is as safe as it was before the incident occurred.

ServicePros only sends trained teams to your home. They will never do anything that compromises your safety or theirs. They know the adequate steps to take when dealing with delicate situations such as sewage messes, and they have the experience to determine the source of your damage.

Call us now to speak with a representative and discuss these available services. Our representative will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Need a service done today? Call to have a professional sent to your home. They will provide you a quote after they conduct an initial assessment. No hidden fees and no additional charges; you’ll know what you’d pay up front! Because we are located in the Minneapolis area, we can dispatch a team to your home within the next few hours. We look forward to tackling your water damage!

Minneapolis, MN Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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