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When you have water damage in your Las Vegas home, you can bet on us.

Don’t try your luck with another company; stick to a sure bet!

Las Vegas, Nevada is the City of Sin, where players try their luck at one of the many casinos throughout the city. But homeowners are also taking risks when they live in Las Vegas. The area has experienced flash flooding in the past, stranding motorists and damaging homes.

At ServicePros, we take care of all types of water damage. From damage due to flash flooding to sewage backup, we have experienced teams to handle it all. Just give us a call and we can schedule someone to come to your home within the next 24 hours. We can quite often have technicians at your home within a matter of hours.

The length of the service depends on the extent of the damage your home has. On average, it takes about three days for us to completely dry your home. The restoration process will take a bit longer. Depending on the damage to your home, you may or may not need to call in additional help, such as a plumber, after we clean your home. We can easily direct you to a trusted, qualified plumber in your area.

As homeowners ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to deal with water damage. Our experienced teams can take some of the stress away by cleaning up the mess for you. You won’t have to worry about finding the time take off work or wonder if you thoroughly dried out your home. Having a professional come in to take care of your damage offers peace of mind, and we are glad to offer that to our customers.

Excessive moisture will keep areas wet and continue to encourage mold growth. We use industrial air movers and dehumidifiers to evaporate and pump out the water from not just the surfaces but from the air as well. Full-service air conditioning and heating systems help to reduce humidity levels and improve air quality. This process creates condensation and that water is then expelled through a small pipe leading to the outside part of your home, typically next to your A/C fan. We also have meters that we use to check the dryness of various materials, allowing us to confirm that the affected area is thoroughly dried. A wall may feel dry on the outside, but the area could still be wet!

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The Many Faces of Water Damage

Water damage is an umbrella term for any type of damage that occurs because of water; however, these damages occur from various sources and have various levels of danger. For example, sewage backup is water from sewer pipes and/or water that comes into contact with contaminants whereas a flooded home could be because of water supply lines (clean water from a bathtub) or heavy rainstorms (rainwater, which is dirty as soon as it hits the ground.)

Unless you know that the water came from a supply line (faucets, bathtubs, shower heads), then you should automatically assume the water is dangerous. Never come into direct contact with the water. Be sure to wear waterproof boots and thick rubber gloves when walking into wet areas and handling saturated items.

Water that is not from a supply line can be home to a host of bacteria that can cause illness in humans and can irritate the skin or cause rashes to form. That’s why we never recommend that you attempt to clean up the mess on your own and instead call us. Our experienced contractors have the knowledge, equipment, and attire necessary to stay safe during all types of water damage cleanup. Keep your family safe by calling the pros at ServicePros today.

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