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Let ServicePros Take Care of Your Water Damage Repair and Restoration

ServicePros proudly serves the residents of Gahanna, Ohio

Located in central Ohio, Gahanna is just northeast of the bustling Columbus—but don’t think that Gahanna can’t keep up! With annual events like Herb Day and the Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival as well as an abundance of outdoor activities like paddle boating, fishing, and hiking, Gahanna is a hub of activity all its own.

For some unfortunate Gahanna homeowners, that fun momentarily comes to a halt upon discovering water damage within the home. Water damage repair and restoration is sometimes a costly endeavor, leaving little money left over for a night on the town. They may attempt to save some money by taking the do-it-yourself route and using a Shop-Vac, some fans, and a dehumidifier to clean up the mess and avoid having to replace drywall and carpeting altogether.

This is a mistake. If the water is not properly extracted, your home can face more than just cosmetic damages. Mold loves warm, humid climates with plenty of moisture. Drywall, carpet padding, or cushion stuffing that is saturated with water becomes ideal living quarters for mold. That’s why it’s best to leave the water damage repair and removal to the professionals.

At ServicePros, we care about the safety of your home and your family, which is why we make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’ve helped clients in Gahanna and in and around the central Ohio area. See what they have to say about our experienced contractors, and then call to speak with a representative. We look forward to answering your questions about your home’s water situation and helping you restore your home back to new!

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Water is in your home—How did it get there?

As a professional water removal and extraction cleanup service, we have seen countless homes damaged by water. Some of the damage is from an obvious source, such as an overflowing washer or dishwasher. But others are not so apparent and require a little more detective work, which we will do when repairing your home. Your pipes may have become so corroded that they were no longer able to support the water running through it. You could also have damage to your roof from storms or ice. You may be required to call another professional in to help fix the source of the problem so that you do not experience water damage again from the same source.

Some water damage situations are unavoidable, but by conducting periodic checks of your home’s roof, foundation, windows, and piping, you can help prevent water damage occurring from some common sources.

Repairing a home damaged by water can be a costly endeavor, but ServicePros offers competitive rates so you don’t have to choose quality over cost. Your home is your family’s safe haven, and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice that safety because of financial restraints. Call us today and we’ll send someone out to assess the water damage repair and restoration costs and offer you a quote on the spot!

Gahanna OH Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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