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What’s the worst possible thing that you can think of that can happen to your home? A burglary? Perhaps a fire? While these are bad, we believe that sewage flooding is actually the worst thing that can happen. If you smell sewage in your home, you need immediate professional assistance!

Why Sewage Cleanup Needs to Be Done Right Away

Sewage is any water that has been mixed with toilet wastes. It is also known as blackwater. Every home has a way to get rid of this, whether by pumping it to a wastewater treatment plant or by diverting it into a septic tank. When these flows are interrupted, sewage can back up into the home and cause much damage.

Like any water-based damage, sewage water can cause your floors and walls to warp and rot. It can also permanently damage your household goods. Sewage takes the damage one step further by introducing dangerous bio-contaminants into the environment. Sewage can carry dangerous diseases like Hepatitis A, tetanus, and giardia among many others.

These diseases can persist even after the water is withdrawn. That’s why sewage cleanup also involves sanitizing all the surfaces that came into contact with sewage. This is necessary to keep the space healthy.

Sewage also has a distinctive smell that can permeate into your home. Sewage acts much like tea. Just like how tea spilled on something can stain it brown, sewage can soak into walls and discolor them. It can also cause the smell to penetrate materials and make them stink. This smell is evidence that sewage is present and can cause illness to you and your loved ones. Even if the surfaces are dry, the smell can persist without special cleaning technique

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Handling a sewage flood

Sewage flooding is something no homeowner can handle on their own. The risk of getting sick and contaminating your structure is too great. Instead, call ServicePros. ServicePros has the know-how and the gear to get your home or office back in shape.

Your home may have to be cleared by a home inspector after a sewage leak. Sewage contamination is a very serious situation. You can be assured that after we are done you won’t have to worry about your home being condemned because of a poor job. All odor will be gone and your home’s surfaces will be safe to touch again.

The safety of your home goods that touched sewage will depend on how long they contacted it and what they are made out of. We will do our best to minimize damage to your goods and clean the items that can be saved.

For more information about ServicePros, we invite you to browse our website. But if you’re facing an emergency and need sewer cleanup right now, you need to act quickly to get it fixed! Call us immediately to schedule an emergency appointment. You don’t want to live in a home that has sewage contamination. We will have our crew at your door within hours of your call. The longer you wait, the more serious the damage will become.

Sewage Cleanup & Restoration

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