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Water damage repair and restoration to Wood in The Baytown Area

Why is water so damaging to wood?

Trees drink incredible amounts of water each day. For example, a mature oak tree can draw up to 50 or more gallons of water per day. On a hot day, that can increase to as many as 15 gallons per hour. That’s over 300 gallons in a day.

While some of that water stays in the root system, the vast majority of the water a tree drinks must be pulled up to the tree’s leaves, where photosynthesis combines nutrients, water, and carbon dioxide to make both natural sugars (good for the tree) and oxygen (good for us).

Imagine all the water an average tree pulls up through its trunk and branches. That living wood is able to deal with massive amounts of H2O without any trouble.

However, it may be surprising just how damaging a little water can be for that exact same wood once it’s been processed, shaped, stained or painted, and placed in your living room as furniture. Suddenly, that very same wood can stain, swell, or even rot when exposed to moisture.

The reason is simple. The wood is all dried out, but it’s just waiting to soak up new moisture again like a sponge if given the chance. Even a little water is enough to stain the wood. That’s why we insist on using coasters with our drinks, right?

Here are some of the negative effects water damage can cause to your wooden furniture:

  • Staining. As we said, water can cause wood to stain, either a lighter color or a darker color, depending on the kind of wood and the type of finish that’s been applied to the wood.
  • Swelling and bending. Table legs and chair legs, if not dried and treated right away, may actually start to absorb that moisture deep into the wood fibers. That could cause swelling or twisting and deforming of the wood itself.
  • Bubbling. When wood has been finished with veneer, that veneer can buckle or bubble when in contact with water for long periods of time.

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Baytown, TX Water Damage Restoration

Get that wood furniture dry with ServicePros

As you can see, when wood gets wet in flooding or a spill, the secret to protecting your furniture is getting it dry as soon as possible. Especially if the furniture has great monetary or sentimental value, you won’t want to leave it to chance that you can save your valuable wooden pieces. You’ll want to get professional help.

We at ServicePros have just the experience you need to help you protect your home and belongings from water damage. We have special tools that can help with water damage repair and restoration, and we’re standing by in Baytown and greater Houston area. Whether you need your walls or an antique piece of furniture dried, we know what needs to be done.

Water damage repair and restoration is not a job for amateurs. When your wooden furniture or flooring is affected, call the experts at ServicePros to dry out your home and get you back to the things in your life that matter the most to you and your family.

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