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Floods and burst pipes are not the only sources of water damage that can occur in a home. Leaky roofs, toilets, tubs, and even faulty HVAC units can be the cause of water damage. Once the water damage comes to your attention, it is imperative to begin the water damage repair and restoration process as quickly as possible. By stopping the water in its tracks, you are saving future repair bills.

No matter the cause of the water damage, this can be an emergency situation. Waiting for it to “go away” or dry out on its own is simply not an option. The longer the water remains, the more the damage will spread. Many aspects of your property can be weakened due to water damage, including your home or business’s foundation. If left on its own, this can lead to costly repairs down the road.

Beyond your property’s infrastructure, there is also the consideration of mold. Mold can begin to form within 2-3 days of water damage occurring. Mold can be more than just a serious aesthetic concern, it can lead to serious health conditions as well. Areas affected by water damage must be treated as soon as possible to prevent mold from even forming.

You want a team of certified, highly skilled professionals to attack your water damage repair and restoration job as quickly as possible. It is not a job that you will want to undertake on your own unless you are a skilled contractor knowledgeable about the ins and outs of water damage repair and restoration in Friendswood. Call ServicePros instead.

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Do not trust your water damage repair and restoration project to a DIY manual or a YouTube video. Do not hire the first contractor you find in the Yellow Pages. This is your property and your livelihood at stake. You will want the top ranked water damage repair and restoration specialists in Friendswood, Texas.

By making an appointment with us, you are ensuring that a highly skilled individual will arrive at the location of your project and give an accurate, reasonable quote for your water damage repair and restoration job. If accepted, the job will be done quickly and accurately until the damaged parts are as good as new and everything is completely dried.

The contractor will not stop there, however. They will conduct a thorough inspection of all aspects of your property to ensure that there are no issues that may cause a repeat need of water damage repair and restoration.

You can rest assured that by contacting ServicePros, you are getting the best contractors available to complete your emergency water damage repair and restoration project. The work is guaranteed and will be done on time. Contact us today. It only takes two days for standing water to turn your home into a mold magnet.

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