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Water Damage Repair and Restoration in Galveston Area

Water and Drywall Do Not Mix!

When was the last time you had the pipes under your Galveston home checked? Are you sure that they are sound and safe for transporting water? What could happen if you have a sudden plumbing burst, or even a slow, steady leak?

Our homes are equipped to handle indoor plumbing, allowing us to have a constant supply of water inside our house, in places like the kitchen or bathroom, exactly where we need the precious water. But, our homes are not very well designed to accommodate water in places outside of the plumbing.

If water invades your home, perhaps because of a pipe burst, leaking roof, or malfunctioning appliance, that water will quickly work hard to cause damage to your home, and that means you’ll need water damage repair and restoration, quick!

When you discover water in your home in a place that it does not belong, your first reaction may be to try to clean the mess up yourself. That is completely understandable, and, perhaps, when the water has not spread too far, it is possible that a simple mop and some rags are all that you will need.

But, when the water has already spread, perhaps because of a leak that you did not notice for hours or even days, we absolutely suggest that you get expert water damage repair and restoration help to rescue your Galveston home from any possible water damage.  We can help your home before it gets any worse.

Water can damage your home in ways that you do not expect. Water has a way of flowing, seeping, dripping, and getting absorbed into places that it does not belong. It likes to flow in places that are deep beneath the surface, places that you are not able to see very clearly. And, when this happens, that hidden moisture has a tendency to cause mold and mildew, which can lead to serious health problems for you and your family.

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Galveston, TX Water Damage Restoration

Staying Safe when Drywall Bulges

WARNING: If you see depressions, bubbling, or drooping, especially on the ceiling, that means the drywall could come crashing down at any time. You must get yourself and your family away from that potential disaster immediately and call for help.

If you do choose to go under a drooping ceiling (which is NOT suggested), perhaps to save valuables or to use a nail to puncture the drooping area (to allow the pooling water to pour down into a bucket, relieving the ceiling from some of the weight and pressure), at the very least you should wear protective head gear.

When you have serious water damage to your drywall and home, you need immediate repair and restoration to get your home back to safe conditions again. You’ll need to call experts that can quickly get your water damage problem under control.

We at ServicePros specialize in water damage repair and restoration in Galveston, and we’re standing by to help you when flooding strikes. We have both the equipment and experience to repair and restore your damaged home quickly and inexpensively.

Yes, drywall is an amazing material. But, at the same time, just like many materials in our homes, it wasn’t designed to take prolonged exposure to flooding or water. The resulting water damage can not only be annoying and costly; it can also be dangerous for you and your family. Don’t wait for a collapse to call for help. Call ServicePros today for your Galveston water damage and restoration needs.

Galveston TX Flood & Water Damage Restoration

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