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Quality Service Available for All Types of Water Damage.

Let us clean and restore your Plano, TX home after a flood or sewage backup.

With properties overlooking waterfronts and a cozy, historic downtown, Plano, Texas is a pretty great place to live (we should know—we’re residents too!). But Texas, though it doesn’t experience blizzards, can have pretty heavy rainstorms that flood streets and strand residents. They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and sometimes that saying goes for water damage done to homes.

ServicePros offers cleanup services for all water damage, including sewage backup and flooding. Our services are:

  • Water Damage and Restoration. Water in the home can cause hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages—and in such little time, too. When your home is damaged by water, you may find that your drywall is decayed or stained or the structure of your home is rotted or warped. Your walls or ceilings may have soft, sagging or bulging spots of retained water. Carpet can be perpetually damp and your doors and windows may become harder to shut. The sooner you get this damage taken care of the better.
  • Water Removal. Slow damage, like that mentioned above, is from undetected leaks throughout the home. The first step is to find the source of the leak and fix it to prevent more water from getting in—and from damage happening again. Our teams will assess the damage to see just how severe it is and determine whether your home has grown mold as a result.
  • Flood Damage. Heavy rains can mean heavy payments when it comes to cleaning and restoring after flood damage. ServicePros offers both cleaning services and restoration services in one convenient timeline.
  • Flooded Basement. Because they are at the lowest level of the home, basements are prone to flooding. Sump pump overflow, cracks in the walls, and storm runoff can cause a basement to become flooded. Our experienced, certified teams will get the water out.
  • Sewage Cleanup. A backed up toilet spells disaster for any home. In addition to smelling foul, sewage water is a host to bacteria and viruses that can cause humans to fall ill. Stay safe and let us clean the mess for you.

Call now to speak with a representative. They can answer any questions you have and schedule a team to come to your home!

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Q & A: Water Damage

Even if this is not your first time experiencing water damage, you are likely wondering how it happened, how much it will cost to clean and restore, and so on. Fortunately, we have some of those answers:

How did my home get damaged by water?

The answer depends on the type of damage you have and when it occurred. Some damage, such as flooding after a heavy rainstorm, is obvious. But you could have a leak in your wall that went unnoticed until you detected a musty smell in the air. Most homeowners will get water damage from common sources like an overflowing toilet or bathtub, washing machine, or a dishwasher.

How much will this damage cost me?

If you have insurance that covers your specific situation (such as water damage from an overflowing toilet), then you will likely have to pay nothing out of pocket. Some insurance companies do not offer coverage for things like flooding; and if it is available, many homeowners are not aware or have not opted to get this kind of coverage. We will offer you a quote for our services before we get to work.

How long does cleanup take?

Again, this answer is situational, but cleanups usually average about three days. If we need to restore any part of your home, this timeline could be longer.

Have any more questions? Call the water damage professionals at ServicePros today!

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