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As a homeowner, an important skill you must have is the ability to see problems in your home and decide on the best time to take care of that problem. Some things that need to be done around the house can wait for days, weeks, or even years. We all have those dream projects we’d like to get to done one of these days, projects like repainting the living room or reorganizing the garage.

We’re also aware that there are other types of projects which need to be completed immediately.  For example, you’d want to take care of an infestation of pests, roof damage before heavy rains, and more.  Taking care of water damage needs to be one of those high priority tasks.

The same is absolutely true when it comes to water damage in your Seattle home. Sure, some stains on your ceiling or walls may seem to be a minor issue, and you may not notice the water damage on the surface growing at all. You may assume that the cause for the water damage is no longer there, and those tiny stains can wait a few weeks or months until you have the opportunity to take care of them.

If you start to think that way when it comes to water damage in your Seattle house, you may be in for a big, expensive surprise when that very same water damage leads to other serious problems in your home, problems that could even threaten the health of you and your family.

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Even a few small water stains on your ceiling or walls could be signs of much larger issues underneath the surface. Often, the majority of water damage is not nearly visible to the naked eye, since the water likes to seep down beneath the surface, hiding in nooks and crannies, threatening the very structure of your home.

There is also the threat of mold and mildew in your Seattle home if you do not get the water damage repair and restoration taken care of quickly. Mold can start to grow within 24 to 48 hours of the introduction of unwanted moisture in your home. The main problem is, however, that you may not see the mold on the surface for several weeks after it has started to grow!

As you can see, water damage repair and restoration in your Seattle home is not something you want to delay in dealing with. Nor is it something you have to handle on your own. We at ServicePros are dedicated to keeping homes repaired, restored, and completely protected from water damage. You can call us immediately and we will send the very best local technicians to assess the full extent of the water damage in your house and make an action plan.

Yes, there are some projects around your home that can wait. Seattle water damage repair and restoration is not something you want to procrastinate over. Instead, call us at ServicePros as soon as you discover any signs of water damage. We will help get your house dried out and repaired quickly.

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